Isadora Duncan Dancing by CLARA Josep

CLARA José (Josep), 1878-1958 (Spain) Drawing of Isadora Duncan Dancing signed lower right Ink on paper 30,5 cm x 25,5 cm Dedicace : "To Marcel from Isadora Duncan's daughter - Grace 1959" [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3484,3483,3482"]
Josep Clarà i Ayats (1878–1958) was a Spanish Catalan sculptor. Clarà was born in Olot, Gerona, Spain in 1878. He attended the Olot School of Drawing (Escuela de Dibujo de Olot) with professor Josep Berga i Boix (1837–1914). During Clarà's time at the school, Joaquín Vayreda (1843–1894) highly praised one of Clarà's drawings; this greatly encouraged Clarà's artistic endeavors and was one of his happiest childhood memories. In 1897, Clarà enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, France. He moved to Paris in 1890, where he met Auguste Rodin, which caused him to pursue sculpture. He also became close friends with sculptorArístides Maillol. He was a student of Louis-Ernest Barrias. His sketches of dancer Isadora Duncan's distinct movements stand out among Clarà's work. After Duncan's death in 1927, Antonia Mercé instead served as Clarà's model. Clarà's training was capped off with travels to London and Italy. He returned to Paris, where he distinguished himself as a sculpture. A part of "mediterraneísmo",[2] his work was figurative, solid, and compact. He put on numerous exhibitions of his work in Paris, London, Berlin, and Barcelona. In 1932, he moved permanently to Barcelona. There he continued working and exhibiting until his death on November 4, 1958. His last sculpture was "Estática" (1954–1958). Most of his works are now held by the Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa in Olot and by the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona. Other works are held by the Pompidou Centre (Paris), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes(Santiago de Chile, Chile), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes(Havana, Cuba), Musée des Augustins (Toulouse, France), and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía(Madrid).  

Josep Clarà

Josep Clarà i Ayats est un sculpteur espagnol né à Olot (province de Gérone, Espagne) en 1878 et mort à Barcelonele 4 novembre 1958. Biographie Il suit l'école de dessin d'Olot avec Josep Berga i Boix (1837-1914). En 1897 il entre à l'école des beaux-arts en France. Sa rencontre avec Auguste Rodin lui fait choisir de devenir sculpteur. Il rencontre Aristide Maillol qui deviendra son ami. Il est élève de Louis-Ernest Barrias. Il réalisera de nombreuses esquisses de la danseuse Isadora Duncan. Il voyage à Londres, et complète sa formation en Italie. Il expose ensuite à Londres, Berlin, Rome et Barcelone. Il déménage définitivement en 1932 à Barcelone, jusqu'à sa mort le 4 novembre 1958. La plus grande partie de ses œuvres se trouve au Museo Comarcal de la Garrotxa à Olot (Gérone) et au Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) de Barcelone.

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